During your acupuncture visit, most parts of your limbs and torso need to be accessed for different points. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. Skinny jeans, sports bras, tight leggings that cannot be pulled up past the knee, and tight waistbands that cannot be loosened are not recommended.
Your first appointment will be 1.5 hours. Each appointment after will be 1.0 hour.
Specific questions will be asked about your injury or condition, including if your general physician or family doctor has given you a diagnosis. You will be asked about the history of the injury/condition, what helps it and what aggravates it, what other treatments you have tried, and how it affects your daily life. You also be asked questions that are seemingly unrelated to your injury in order to come up with your overall diagnosis.
During your appointment, I will ask you questions regarding your condition/injury, and I will also ask questions about your general health and lifestyle, such as sleep, diet and digestive patterns. These questions will help formulate an overall diagnosis for you and your body. You will receive a treatment using one or more modalities that corresponds to your individual diagnosis. The treatments used may vary from each appointment, as your pattern and diagnosis may change as you begin to heal.
The goal is to help your condition in the least amount of treatments possible. Chronic conditions will need more treatments than acute conditions. Treatments done closer together, such as twice a week, are more affective than treatments that are done less often. Acupuncture is a medicine; the more you “take” it, the better you will feel. After the initial condition has improved, it is recommended to come in for occasional treatments to maintain the balance in your body.