I saw Alana for a number of sessions for a mouth condition of all things. I would experience heat in my mouth, a bad taste and cough up a thin liquid. The doctors told me I do not have food allergies and my dentist told me my mouth looks great! I still felt very uncomfortable and feared bad breath as well which led to me feeling like I had to chew gum all the time.

Alana is a very warm and made me feel comfortable. She listed attentively to my concerns and actively tried to help me. She showed compassion and always gave me hope. She was aware of my hatred of needles and was always super gentle. I could not feel them most of the time and I ended up falling asleep most sessions as it was a super relaxing environment. She also recommended some herbs. Once I started the combination and could feel the results I felt like a whole new woman. So much more confidant and happy! I thought to myself oh this is what normal people feel like.

Alana is smart, good at what she does, she won’t try to upsell you on things that you don’t need, she is honest and she has a passion for what she does as acupuncture helped her wean off a number of medicines she was taking since a child. Acupuncture/oriental medicine is great for all types of conditions!

Lara Cuthbert
I can’t say enough good things about Alana. To begin with, she is a great listener, listening to all of my needs was key to successfully treating me. She is a very patient person and is very thorough. Her expertise in sports management helped her to target my problem areas. I always feel a great difference after Alana’s treatments, which caused me to have a greater quality of life. Because of Alana I was able to function at a higher level both on an athletic level and a day-to-day level. I wouldn’t have been able to feel so great without her. Alana is definitely my #1 acupuncturist for life!
Amy B.